Milton Improv pulls inspiration from “The Office” for recent show


Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

Milton’s Improv Troupe, Controlled Chaos, put on their second show of the year Nov. 1. Before the show premiered, Milton Theatre’s Instagram account posted an Office-themed introduction of the Improv cast to raise awareness for the event. Not only was “The Office” used for advertising, but the cast incorporated the popular mockumentary into the start of their show.

Before the main event, a screen displayed a remake of  “The Office” made by the troupe; the short film gave a preview to the cast and their knack for acting. After the credits rolled, the cast of Controlled Chaos entered the stage and immediately riled up the crowd.

The show was full of un-scripted banter and used various impromptu games to entertain their audience and display their wit. These games either were original ideas, or they mirrored games found in popular improv shows. However, both forms interact with the audience by asking for scenes or character traits.

For example, one scene started with improvers Harrison Lewis and Felipe Cristino, who were acting out two customers in a dollar store. An audience member joined them on stage, but they could only read lines from “The 1940s Radio Show”, a play recently put on by Milton’s theatre troupe. The catch led to an amusing squabble between one of the customers and the guest.

Several improvers ended the show with a very Whose Line Is It Anyway-esque activity, an Irish drinking song about tater-tots. The audience was then allowed to join the stage and greet the cast.

For those interested, the next Improv show is December 14 in the black box theater. Tickets are sold at the event and cost $5.