Kindness Week returning to Milton


Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

Following Milton’s Homecoming spirit week, Kindness Week is Oct 22 through Oct 26. It consists of dress-up days, sticker handouts and kindy grams. The week is held to boost the spirits of students at Milton.

Kindy grams, similar to candy grams except with a sweet message, will be sold and sent to your friends for $1. Stickers will also be handed out, reading “Stick to Kindness.” Tuesday is when students can show their appreciation for their teachers. Finally, next Friday is Yellow Out meant to brighten people’s day and conclude the Kindness week activities. Smera Dhal, a part of the Mindfulness Board and of the NHS, worked with the Kindness Week committee and Mrs. Satchfield to create ideas for the event.

Since October hosts many anti-bully and anti-drug campaigns, and various dates are dedicated to mental health awareness, the NHS decided to host the event this month. Dhal says she hopes to “make the Milton High school community just a little closer” through the event.

This is the 8th year Kindness Week has been organized. October is a busy month for Milton students with Kindness Week, Homecoming spirit week, and the Halloween dress up the Bravehearts are hosting, but they serve an important purpose to keeping the spirit of Milton alive.