Muslim Student Association’s plans for the 2018-19 school year!

Muslim Student Association's plans for the 2018-19 school year!

There are a wide variety of clubs at Milton, including the Muslim Student Association (MSA).  According to the MSA website, the club encourages both Muslims and non-Muslims to join in order to “get rid of stereotypes and increase an understanding between people.”

The MSA staff includes juniors Usayd Warris as president, Noor Jaleel as vice president, Hasan Zulfiqar as treasurer, Saad Maan as public relations officer and sophomore Faisal Anwar as secretary. For the upcoming school year, Jaleel reveals that she is looking forward to participating in “more fundraising opportunities and working with other clubs.”  

In MSA, students participate in raising money for local charities, service projects and programs in Mosques such as the Islamic Center of North Fulton (ICNF) and Roswell Community Masjid (RCM). However, one of the main events MSA members attend is the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament of Atlanta (MIST).

Every year, Milton MSA members compete against other high schools in Georgia in categories, including academics, arts and athletics, at MIST. The convention’s website says that the purpose for holding the tournament is to allow high school students to develop skills “in leadership, communication, and creativity” and to help Muslims and non-Muslims develop a better understanding of Islam.

In the 2018 MIST competition, Milton’s MSA won numerous awards including the best overall team at the competition. Jaleel says that winning several awards at the competition “made [the team] feel proud to represent Milton on such a great level.”

For the 2018-19 school year, the team has gathered around 50 members and Jaleel says that she “would love it if more people were to experience it.” For more information on how to join MSA, feel free to visit their website at

(The Featured Photo was retrieved via Brian Jones’ Instagram)