Help the Homeless Club: Helping Milton students as well


Nadine Haddad, Staff Writer

It is difficult at times to acknowledge the fact that there are universal issues occurring right in front of our eyes. However, in 2016, Milton High School students formed the Help the Homeless club in order to recognize and help worldwide homelessness.

Sachi McClaire, junior at Milton and treasurer of the club, explains the club’s significance and why it is beneficial for students. She says that it expands students’ volunteering experiences and that it “provides a greater impact for the community as a whole.”

McClaire reveals that the primary goal of the club is to care about and support others, period. She states, “Students do not realize how many people around us are in need of help” until they see it with their own eyes.

Although she primarily joined the club in order to obtain more volunteer opportunities for the school year, McClaire eventually realized that there is much more to the club than just volunteer work. She says, “It was a way for me to be more aware of the many things going on around us that we do not usually notice.”

The club strives to involve all Milton students when it comes to fundraising for their cause. It hosts a variety of food/coat drives and invites students to their many volunteer opportunities at the North Fulton Community Charities ( as well as at soup kitchens.

Currently, the club is hosting a toiletries fundraiser. Students are encouraged to donate items such as toilet paper, toothpaste, feminine products, tissues, soaps and more. If you are interested, feel free to donate as many items as desired to Mrs. Flis’s room in 2302 by October 26.