New Venue for 2019 Graduation

Kahn Li McClaire, Co-Editor, Fashion Editor

Those who remember the Class of 2018’s graduation can recall the effect weather can have on an outdoor graduation. Graduation is traditionally at the Milton football field with family and friends in the stands. However, since last year’s graduation was extended to two days due to the rain and additional issues surfacing this school year, the Class of 2019’s graduation will be held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park.  

Earlier this year, Fulton County declared that “all schools should have their ceremonies [covered] and at the same venue if possible,”, says Jackie Angel, the graduation coordinator. Many of the North Fulton schools have been conducting graduation ceremonies at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

Over the years the student body of Milton has continuously increased, and the Senior class is now over 600 students. And with more students, there are more family members. Family and friends are encouraged to attend and, at the new venue, there will be more room. Verizon Wireless has 7000 seats while the Milton football stadium has the less comfortable amount of 5000.

Senior Jackson Wildes would “love to have the tradition [of walking the field] keep going… it’s an amazing atmosphere.” Band and chorus students are also upset that the departments may not be able to perform during the graduation.  Despite the negative feedback, Angel and those in charge of the graduation “realize that some members of our school community want to hold onto our traditions… change is never easy and all are never pleased. But we will make sure that our ceremony is as beautiful and meaningful as always.”

The ticket system and mandatory graduation practices have yet to be determined. The Eagle Edition will be following the updates, so stay tuned.