School bus tracking app introduced in Fulton County Schools


Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

Last Monday, Fulton County Schools launched an app made to track buses during arrival and dismissal. The app, titled Here Comes The Bus, caters to parents worried about their children catching the bus, but older students can take advantage of the technology.

The app informs users when the bus is expected to arrive and notifies them a couple minutes before they reach their destination. Other features include showing a map of the bus’s progress, a log of previous bus stops and the ability to customize a range where the user will receive a notification about the bus’s presence. Presumably, the app will decrease the number of times a student misses their bus.

Some Milton students have downloaded Here Comes The Bus. Brooke Sexton, a Milton sophomore and frequent bus rider, agrees it’s a useful app to have for school. “It’s much easier checking it for my bus’s progress instead of relying on the driver to come at a consistent time,” she says.

I tried the app for myself, and after a week of using it, I agree that its an app all bus riders should have. Before Here Comes The Bus, I would leave my house earlier than I needed to. Now, I leave and arrive at the bus stop at the same time the bus does. The only problem I encountered was the app not being able to track my bus if we had a substitute bus for the day.

Here Comes The Bus can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, the App Store or To sign up, users will need to enter Fulton’s district code, 87428, and their student ID.