Varsity Milton Volleyball

Carlye Taylor, Sports Editor

The Milton’s girls volleyball team has flown under the radar this season, but the team has had a solid year thus far. The varsity volleyball team is ranked 46th in Georgia and has an overall record of 13 wins and nine losses as the season begins to wrap up.

With roughly a month left in the season, Milton is currently predicted to make the playoffs. In the Georgia Class 7A ranking, Milton comes in at number 14 out of 47 schools.

The varsity team consists mostly of seniors and juniors with the exception of one sophomore and three freshmen. Junior Ashton Middleton is a key component as Milton’s starting setter. She commands the pace of the game and sets players up for success, many times by perfectly directing the second ball to a front row player for a spike. So far this season, Middleton has played in 49 sets, has 6 solo blocks and 525 assists.

Devon Bright (senior), is one of Middleton’s go-to hitters. Bright leads her team in kills with 198, her teammate Karsyn Hay, another senior hitter, comes in second with 109 kills.

A “kill” in volleyball is when a front row hitter (and occasionally back row hitters) spike the ball over to the opposing side. The ball is placed so strategically that the opponents are not able to even get a hand on the ball, and if they are, it is impossible to keep the play going.

Paulina Miller, a freshman, is crucial to her team as a stalwart on Milton’s main defensive line. Miller specializes in serve receptions, but she has to refrain from attacking or blocking the ball when it is entirely above net height (7”4).  Her position is also known as the “libero,” and she must wear the opposite colored jersey from the rest of her teammates.  This allows her to freely switch out with a back row player without alerting officials when the ball is not in play. Miller has 235 digs and has played in 51 sets. A “dig” is when a defensive player anticipates the ball being spiked over, then prevents the ball from hitting the ground by diving for it to keep the play in motion.

Milton’s next home game is on October 2nd when they will battle North Forsyth (W17-L15). The team’s confidence should be high coming off of a road win over West Forsyth.  This will be Milton’s last home game of the season, so make sure to come and support our Eagles!

Photo Credits to Milton Volleyball