Captain Marvel trailer review


Morgan Pickett, Staff Writer

Both comic book fans and movie connoisseurs can rejoicethe long-awaited “Captain Marvel” trailer finally dropped this Tuesday to fan and critic acclaim alike. The next movie scheduled to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, “Captain Marvel” marks the first time a woman will lead in a Marvel movie. With the destruction the game-changer  “Avengers: Infinity War” brought to the universe, these factors are all building towards the monumental hype around the film. 


Brie Larson (“Room,” “21 Jump Street”) plays the titular role in this 2019 blockbuster, working with directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. She plays U.S. Air Force captain Carol Danvers that, as with many other superheroes, finds herself in an accident that grants her powers beyond her wildest imagination.


Comic book fans will be familiar with Danvers, who The Daily Dot claims is “Marvel’s mightiest Avenger.” She’s more well known as Ms. Marvel, only taking on the newer moniker Captain Marvel in a 2012 comic run. Before Danvers became the Captain, the name Captain Marvel belonged to the Kree alien Mar-Vell (from which the superhero name derives), who will be played by Jude Law in the upcoming film.



The trailer itself is chock-full of superhero movie clichés, from a mysterious object crashing from the sky to a big costume reveal at the end. A majority of it follows the generic superhero preview parameters of Hollywood, making it hard to glean much about the plot from the released material. From what we were shown, Danvers seems to be recovering from some sort of amnesia, and suffers from flashes of memories from her life pre-accident. She also appears to be struggling with her new identity as a hero. Along with the invasion of the Skrull alien race, briefly hinted at in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” these seem to be the driving conflicts in the film.


To the invested MCU fan, Easter eggs, which are inside jokes and messages from the writers to the fans, are abundant. The most memorable of which is the appearance of Nick Fury, the bellwether of the Avengers team, young and binocular once more. His untarnished appearance leads the viewer to the conclusion that “Captain Marvel” takes place in the past, long before the events of the the first “Iron Man” movie. SPOILER ALERT, this is also supported by the last end-credits scene in “Avengers: Infinity War,” which showed Fury placing a call to Captain Marvel right before Thanos turned him to ashes.


Interest piqued? Go ahead and check out the above trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments below! “Captain Marvel” will hit theaters on March 8, so make sure to go out and see it on the big screen.