Fall into the new fads

Kahn Li McClaire, Co-Editor, Fashion Editor

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As the seasons change, so must your wardrobe. The hottest trends for this fall include styles from the 80s and fashionable patterns that were presented during this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Get ready to stay trendy with these fashionable fits.

The 80s, at first glance, can be viewed as tacky when it comes to fashion. Yet, the animal prints and oversized jackets are making a comeback. Alice + Olivia and Sam Edelman have designed different styles in these prints. Rest assured, they are made with faux fur.

A staple of fall is plaid flannel for a cozy, laid back feel for men and women. However, when paired with a simple skirt and Dr. Martens boots, it is the perfect outfit for school. Upscale designers, such as Versace, Michael Kors and Christian Dior, are incorporating plaid on the runways.

Another staple for both genders is high top converse and the newest shoe faze, “dad shoes.” These shoes are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. High fashion brands have perfected this style; however, Fila also has a similar sneaker at a more affordable price.

In addition, floral print and boho style outfits are suitable for the breezy weather of fall. Dresses with this trend are great for a night with friends or family. Theses outfits can easily be found at Free People or Francesca’s.

For men, cuffed jeans with a nice button down is great for a casual outing. Junior David Enriquez thinks that this fall, boys will be wearing cuffed pants with “dad shoes” and accessorizing with rings and necklaces. In addition, students sporting shirts over hoodies as an outfit on cool days.


You can find the all the fall styles at Forever 21, Target, Urban Outfitters and Pacsun.