All you need to know about Student Council elections


You may have noticed a flooding of posters around the school and campaign messages on your social media accounts all advertising one thingStudent Council. The council plans on being entirely student-led this year.

Elections for Student Council positions are returning to Milton, as more people are competing for positions than last year’s election. The elected positions are especially growing in popularity. Because of the new elections, there will be no interviews held with the Student Council sponsors like in years previous.

Elections will be held Aug. 29 through Aug. 30. Students will vote using an app called Election Runner, and they will be able to vote for Executive Officers and class officers for their grade. Additionally, students will have a chance to meet with candidates personally the week of voting.

Candidates for every position will be able to talk to students and promote their campaign during lunch this week. Monday was designated for Executive Officers such as presidents and vice presidents, and Tuesday is designated for general class positions. Students will find candidates in the Student Success center or walking around the cafeteria.

Future candidates for the 2019 elections and beyond can show their interest by applying through a school administered Google Form, and attending the following meeting to go over campaigning processes. Amanda Connell, a Milton teacher and head of this year’s Student Council, says they “rely heavily on the candidates to do a good job of getting their name out there” and that they “need to talk to their peers about the process and encourage voting.” Anyone who is interested in taking part in their class’s council next year should look out for posters around the school and reminders in The Eagle Update.

Connell expects the council to explore some Milton traditions and revamp them to get students more engaged. “If something isn’t working or is outdated, I want them to find a better way to encourage school spirit, school participation, and sense of belonging in our school,” Connell says.