Touchdowns, Tuxedos and Terrible Themes

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Touchdowns, Tuxedos and Terrible Themes

Kahn Li McClaire, Staff Writer

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Last year, Milton’s prom was at the Southern Exchange Ballroom, a gorgeous venue in Atlanta, with the theme “An Enchanted Forest.”

A remind text from Mrs. Saren revealed that the 2017-2018 prom is “Touchdowns, Tuxedos, and Traditions” at the College Football Hall of Fame. I immediately thought “who thinks this would be a great idea.” A male sport themed prom in room where the floor looks like a field. Yes, a great idea.

Most teenage boys are not as excited for prom as girls, though this could be a way to include them. However, the entire school population should be included by choosing a gender neutral theme. For an example, the prom could be based on Hollywood or casinos.

In addition, prom tickets were sold without the option of couple tickets unlike last year’s prom. Now instead of paying a lower couple price, two tickets would be $160 on the last week of sales. That costs more than some prom dresses!

Junior Eryn Payton is “personally not a fan because it makes me feel like I have to dress to match rather than just get a dress I want to wear.” And Sam Homcy, a fellow Eagle Edition writer, states that “the theme for this year’s prom is a drastic change from past themes and alienates some of its audience. Football isn’t applicable to our school’s entire population and I feel like picking such a concentrated theme isn’t a great idea.”

Prom is supposed to have fun and extravagant themes such as Cambridge High School’s 2017-2018 Great Gatsby themed prom at the Southern Exchange or Creekview High School’s Masquerade prom at The Fox Theater. Despite the poor decisions on this year’s prom, I hope all will have an amazing night without any fumbles and interceptions.

Southern Exchange Ballroom

College Football Hall of Fame