Yondr phone pouches spreading throughout Milton

Yondr phone pouches spreading throughout Milton

Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that phones are detrimental to a student’s focus in class. To combat this problem, Graham Dugoni founded Yondr, a company that makes small pouches to lock away phones. The Yondr pouches have made their way to Milton High School as various teachers are trying out the gadgets.

Dugoni got his motivation to create Yondr after witnessing a group of strangers film and upload a video of an unsuspecting man dancing at a music festival. It made him question what degree of privacy can one expect in a public sphere.  

Reactions have varied throughout Milton students and staff. Mrs. Christian, a social studies teacher, has been testing out Yondr pouches in her classroom for a couple of weeks now, and in her opinion, the results are satisfactory. “I have an old school side in education and do believe cell phone presence in class hinders production and focus. With the pouches, managing the classroom has become much easier,” says Christian.

Some students share Christian’s excitement about the pouches. “I think [the pouches] are a good idea. Not only do the devices allow students to focus on what they’re learning, but they also allow people to keep their phones nearby,” Julia Neagu, a 9th grader at Milton, says. She concludes that not being distracted by her phone in class has helped her pay attention and learn.  

However, Neagu’s classmates disagree with her opinion. Priya Soneji dislikes the idea of having her phone locked away. “My phone doesn’t distract me, so I don’t see why I should have it taken away. Without it, I can’t listen to music or google questions I have. I think students who have a hard time focusing in class should have their phone taken but not the students continuing to succeed in the class even with their phones,” she explained.

With the Yondr phone pouches increasing in popularity, many Milton students are wondering if they will become permanent throughout all classes. Brian Jones, Milton’s principal, says the bags are a pilot program. “We’ll see if [the Yondr pouches] remain.”