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The Newest Eagle Addition: Creative Writing

Ilana Mermelstein, Staff Writer

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As students begin setting up their schedules for next year, they will consider a variety of electives offered at Milton. However, while skimming rows of consistently available electives, students may have read over a new addition: creative writing.

Ms. Gillian Miller offered to teach a semester-long creative writing elective for Milton students. When asked about the class’s curriculum, Ms. Miller explained she is “still in the planning stages,” but “students can expect to have an outlet to experiment in myriad writing styles.” She added that “there will definitely be a unit on short stories and another on poetry.” Additionally, students can expect a literary component, during which they will analyze authors’ writing styles to mimic them and learn to compose interesting stories and characters.

Ms. Miller plans to vary the day-to-day schedule “depending on the wants of the students.” While she expects to spend the majority of the class on fiction and short stories, she is open to adjustments based on the students’ interests.

When asked if, and how, creative writing skills would translate to life beyond the classroom, Ms. Miller acknowledged that people tend to “put creative writing in a small bubble and [they] don’t value it as much. “However,” she added, “if students can create an entire universe full of characters, complications, settings, and dialogue, [they] can also figure out a way to manage what life throws at [them].”  

Ms. Miller expects even inexperienced writers to enjoy the course because “the writing will be based more on creation and the process instead of the grammar and editing.”  

By registering for the new creative writing elective, students will hone their writing skills and become well-rounded individuals. Through this course, they can dedicate one semester to unleashing their creativity and exploring their wildest ideas, and all it takes is a short trip to the counselor!

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The Newest Eagle Addition: Creative Writing