Will you be my Galentine?

Kahn Li McClaire, Staff Writer

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The universal purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the love between two people. For others, Valentine’s Day is more about watching Nicholas Sparks movies while consuming too much junk food.

The cheesy parts of Valentine’s Day involves lovey dovey acts of PDA, especially in the halls of high school. Single roses, candy grams and cute teddy bears are bound to be seen in the hands of a blushing teenage girls.

Some people without girlfriends or boyfriends are left with strong feelings of loneliness and jealousy. But if you are happy single, then Valentine’s Day is simply another ordinary day.

I, for one, celebrate an additional occasion on this day: “Galentine’s Day.” My single friends and I host a gift exchange, similar to Secret Santa, and give each other candies and stuffed animals creating a friend appreciation day. However, I still spend the night crying over A Walk to Remember.

Don’t get me wrong. Having love on Valentine’s Day is fabulous, but my true love is for the discount chocolate that will be sold on February 15.