Black Student Union’s upcoming showcase

Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union (BSU)  is hosting their first showcase this spring. The showcase will focus on the cultural backgrounds of students around Milton High School, and the club wants it to be a way for contenders to express themselves, even if it’s just standing up on the stage and talking.

The club has yet to set a specific date or location, but they have made plans for signing up. BSU will be hanging up flyers with QR codes around the school, so keep your eyes peeled! The show admission fee is only $5, and all proceeds will go to the BSU to help pay for field trips and future events.  

Vendolyn Moore, a BSU member, is excited to see how the showcase will turn out. “The showcase is about inclusion and expression. With all the issues going on in the world, the event provides a platform for those who want to show others their cultures and erase the stigma around them” she says.