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Piano Lab to be offered at Milton

Caroline Franklin, Editor-in-chief

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Next year, Milton will offer an introductory piano class. “We decided to add a piano class largely because it is one of the last major music areas that Milton has not developed,” explains Mr. Schreer, Assistant Chorale Director, who will teach the class.

Milton is widely known for the performing arts. Band, orchestra, chorus, cirque and theatre are popular classes among students, but, they can be intimidating. Mr. Schreer relays that the piano is “the perfect instrument for stepping into the music world because of its simplicity, visibility, and pervasiveness. The class will use keyboards that allow for the use of headphones. However, these materials will not be purchased until all interested students have enrolled in the class.

Advertising for the class is located all over the school, and the call-to-action and humorous flyers are a result of the late addition of the class. “I wanted to make sure word got out before the registration deadline passed. I jokingly told my students the flyers were a litmus test,” jokes Schreer

“Piano can be a difficult instrument, and like any skill, it takes serious effort, regular practice and commitment,” says Schreer. He emphasizes that the course will also be an opportunity for advanced students to practice their skills, work on unique pieces, and expand their musical exposure in a group setting. The class will cover the basics of finger technique, chord theory, and music reading.

If you are interested in the course, register with the course number 53.0951000. If you have questions, please see Mr. Schreer in room 7301.

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Piano Lab to be offered at Milton