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Staff Spotlight – Tami Shearer

Ilana Mermelstein, Staff Writer

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Milton High School is a nationally renowned academic institution, boasting an impressive student body and an equally impressive staff. The staff that makes Milton great, however, consists of more than just the teachers. Counselors assist students in preparing for their futures and maintaining their mental health. Janitors keep the school clean and functioning. Food service workers prepare and serve lunches to students.

Ms. Tami Shearer, Milton’s clinic assistant, ensures the well-being of students. However, Ms. Shearer is more than the time she spends at Milton. She describes herself as “very family-oriented;” she can’t get enough of the Milton community!

After raising her children as a stay-at-home mom, Ms. Shearer began her work in Fulton County Schools at Northwestern Middle School. She spent ten years doubling as a clerk at the front desk and as the backup clinic assistant. When the clinic assistant position opened at Milton, Ms. Shearer breezed through the training process and landed her current job.

Ms. Shearer ended up at Milton because she had raised her kids in the area. “My kids went through Crabapple Crossing, Northwestern, and Milton,” she explained, and because she “always had an interest in healthcare,” she figured the clinic assistant position would be right up her alley.

Her favorite part of working at Milton is “the kids.” Because her own children grew up in the area, Ms. Shearer was already familiar with more than enough students to make her the ideal clinic assistant.

Work aside, Ms. Shearer’s favorite part of living in Milton is its “sense of community.” She loves that, while Milton is a suburb of metro Atlanta, it’s “still a small town.” She finds that she’s fallen in love with Milton’s charming atmosphere, which is why she’s stayed for so long.

A quick run-down of Ms. Shearer’s “favorites” include:

  • Favorite book: Charlotte’s Web
  • Favorite band: The Eagles
  • Favorite dessert: brownies
  • Favorite season: fall (because of football, of course)

She lovingly described her dream vacation as “anywhere with [her] family,” further exemplifying her family-oriented nature. The city of her choice is Florence, Italy, and her favorite European countries are Italy and Greece.

When asked about her favorite quote, Ms. Shearer took some time to think, as she is “more of a ‘think about it’ than a spontaneous person.” She decided on the famous quote, “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

If Ms. Shearer could travel back in time and give her high-school-self one piece of advice, it would be to “enjoy life a little bit more..enjoy the smaller moments a little bit more.”

Ms. Shearer’s door near the 5200 hall is always open to students in need of medical care, desiring an interview for The Eagle Edition, or carrying a plate of brownies!


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Staff Spotlight – Tami Shearer